How do I enter a contest?

Enter your answer and fill out the form..you will receive a confirmation email or invoice giving you the option of payment. Confirmation may be sent to your primary email or accidentally sent to your spam section of your email, so look thoroughly through out your emails.You can also make payment by PayPal, cashapp, venmo, zelle, by apple pay., or other payment options that you require.

When will I receive my winnings or prize?

Once the results are in, if it’s a cash prize you will receive your funds instantly. It can take up to 24 hours depending on the cash amount. If youur winning is a physical prize it will take 2 -;5 business days if your located iij the United states, and 1 -2 weeks if your out of the United states.

Where can I see the answers or results for my predictions?

All results will be on the results and answer page

Can I enter multiple contest?

Yes you can. You must answer each question and pay the individual fee.

Are entry fees refundable?

The Entry fee are non refundable. So make sure that you make the correct choice before you submit your answer. The only time a entry fee will be refunded if there are no results with in the time period of the contest. There are no answers or results by the endorsement date of the contest.

Am i 100%  guaranteed when  purchasing lottery tickets with seerdaze, and  if i win, will seerdaze pay me my winnings?

Yes it is 100% guaranteed that we will send you your winnings. You will be sent  a receipt for ever ticket purchase.

How will I receive my winnings?

You can choose which ever money transfer company you desire. Seerdaze will transfer your funds  by which ever company that you request. Keep in mind, each company have different rates and  service fees

How can i pay for the tickets?

You can purchase tickets by selecting the money transfer company of your choice. Each company will have different rates and service feed.

What are companies  that i can use to make payments for tickets, as well as collect my winnings?

WorldRemit, paypal, money gram ,wise, paypal, cashapp, western union, ofx, ria transfer, xoom, and  venmo

How do I  make a payment for and entry fee or collect my winnings from my predictions? 

You  can use WorldRemit, paypal,, money gram ,wise, paypal, cashapp, western union, transfer, xoom  or  venmo,

Will seerdaze charge  me to purchase lottery tickets

Yes seerdaze will charge you a 5.00 usd service fee to purchase any amount of tickets. It can be for the purchase of 1 ticket or 100 tickets.  The service fee will remain at 5.00.  The reason why seerdaze is charging this fee, is because each ticket is purchased by us, and purchasing tickets are time consuming. It’s best and cost effective if you purchase multiple tickets at once.

Will seerdaze make a profit off my winnings.

 Yes seerdaze will make 10% off of each of your winning tickets. For example if your winning ticket  prize is 500.00 usd . Seerdaze will charge 50 00

How do I play NYC Win 3 lottery and cost per tickets?

What are other lotteries that I can play?

This is this the link to other lotteries that you can play including the price of the tickets, prize and rules. Click Here