Author: taleatell

Predictor and psychic!

If you can  predict which country or city will have the next major natural disaster, where 100 or more people loose their lives, I will pay you $1000.  natural disasters can be and earthquake, typhoon, volcano explosion, flood, hurricane, forest fire, wild fire, avalanches, tsunami, tornado, landslides. The deadline to enter this bet will be march 1 2022,  and the entry fee will be 20.00.. if your answer is correct,  and soon as the disaster occurs,  you will be sent your winnings of 1k.,  you will not have to pick the exact date or time, only the location. You will have until  dec 29 2022. This is when the bet expires.  There is no limit on the amount of entries you can have. It will be 20.00 per answer to enter!

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