How can i create a bet or question and win money

  1. Register to Seer Daze
  2. Create your bet question. Be specific! Have details rules, such as dates , deadline times, whats the maximum amount of money that you have for you bet, how many people that you want to enter your bet and answer your questions.
  3. What will you pay them if they win, what should they pay you if they win, how much does it cost enter etc.
  4. Fill out betting form
  5. Submit you money with payment to Seer Daze with the payment processing options required. This could be pay pal, cash app, venmo, zelle western union wise, xoom etc.

Seer Daze will hold the monies for both the creator and users until the answer is answered and the results are finalized. Seer Daze will then distribute the monies to the winners. You will be charge a small service fee from seer daze and a fee from the payment processing platform that you choose to use. For example if you choose paypal they will charge you a service fee as well To find the correct percentage fees, go to the companies website that you will be using.

How can i answer a question and win money?

1 .First Register to Seer Daze
2. Enter your answer
3. Complete betting form
4. And you will then make payment arrangement. Via, PayPal, cash app venmo zelle, western union etc. The money is hold by Seer Daze until the results are in. When the results are in, you will receive your money from what you have waged via payment option you required, if your a winner. If you’re not a winner and your answer is in correct, Seer Daze will send you’re wager to the creator of the question Have in mind, you will be charge a small service fee from seer Daze, and will be charge a fee from the payment processing you choose. PayPal, cashapp, venmo, etc.

What’s the percentage fees for seerdaze?
Seerdaze will charge a 25% per dollar service fee.

Why should i use Seer Daze?
Seer Daze allows people to make bets with friends, as well as with strangers throughout the world, with out worrying if you will get paid if you’re answer is correct. While waging with someone that you do not know, can be indeed risky. Users may not want to pay you if he or she looses, or you may not want to pay them if you loose. But with Seer Daze, we are the middleman, so we hold the funds into the results are in. And we will distribute the funds to the winner.

How can i create s social media bet?

  1. Register to Seer Daze.
  2. Choose the person or celebrity that you will be using
  3. 3.users can bet on the amount of comments, views, likes, a person haves on their social media post, etc.
  4. To make your bet be more appealing. We suggest that you make the odds favorable to the people that enter. For example instead of a person trying to predict the entire number of a person post, maybe you can predict only the first two numbers on the persons likes, comments, or views of a specific post

How can i find answers and results for the questions that i will be betting on?

There many websites that you can use to find the answers to your bets.
For example if you’re creating a social media bet. You can use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc for results.
If your creating a music, or entertainment bet, you can, use, YouTube charts, Google trends, apple music, Netflix, spotify etc for results .
If your creating a statistical bet, you can use reputable governments agency sites locally and internationally.
If you’re creating a lottery bet, you can use city and state lottery websites.

What are statistical bets?

Statistical bets can be crime stats. This is the amount of crimes that occurred during s period of time, death stats, the amount of deaths the occurred, during a period of time, Covid stats the amount of people that caught Covid-19, during a period of time, health stats the amount of people that caught a illness or sickness during a certain period of time. You also can create a population bet. You can ask questions regarding the amount of people a city or country will have in a certain area, by a certain date.

What is a. Business bet?

This is where users can bet on the sales, the lost, the profit, regarding a company or brand.

Where can i find the answers to business and brands financial records?

If your creating a business bet or stock Market bet you can get all the details regarding a business sales, profits and lost by searching Google Nasdaq or NYSE followed the name of the companies that your betting on. Their statistics and data will show in real time. This data will only be for public and major companies.

How can i create my own lottery?

When your creating your own lottery, you can use the results and answers from a state or city lottery.
For winning numbers, you can use the state or city numbers as results and answers. You can use the reputable city, or state lottery website to find all the results in the United states. You can create your own rules and payouts, but just use their winning numbers for your results. For example in the new New York city pick three lottery, you can win 500 dollars for picking a three digit numbers. But in your lottery if only one digit appears from the New York lottery, the person can be a winner. You’re using their numbers but you’re creating your odds and rules and making the chances and odds easier for people to become a winner. This will make your lottery more appealing and attract many people.

How will Seer Daze determine the winners of the bets?

Bets that are created should have, credible source’s to use as proof of the results. You can use credible websites, screenshots, video proof and information that can prove hat your the winner and your answer is correct. . All users entering or creating a bet should have proof and use credible sources for the results and proof. Seer Daze will analyze the sources independently to determine the winner of the bets.
Seer Daze will only use reputable and credible sources and empirical proof to determine winners.
Seer Daze will not determine the results , rules and outcomes from the bets, this is strictly controlled by the users.
It is best to create bets and enter bets where it is proof of results, rather than being apart of a bet where there’s no proof for results or credible sources.

Will i be charge by Seer Daze to create or enter a bet?

Yes, it will be 25 % per dollar of the wage.

Will i be charge to send money?

Rates may vary, depending on what company you choose to send money. Paypal,zelle, cashapp, venmo, transfer wise,, western union etc.

How can i purchase lottery tickets internationally, and receive a guaranteed payout if i win, and seerdaze will not keep the winnings?

There will be and agreement sent by email from Seer Daze to you, for evidence and proof that we will be purchasing tickets and your behalf, quoted with the percentage fees.

How much will i be charge by Seer Daze to purchase a ticket in my behalf?

For example if a ticket is 1 USD Seer Daze will charge you 2 USD . This means the fee will be 1 USD , this will not include the cost of you sending the 1 USD , and Seer Daze sending your winners to you.

Will Seer Daze take a percentage of my winnings?

Yes Seer Daze will charge a 20 percent fee. This will cover government taxes and wiring fees for your winning.
If your in another country, we will have to pay the taxes in your behalf

How can i create and online gaming bet ?

Creator and users register to seerdaze.  Creator then create rules, dates, and times for competition. Both the author and users submit the amount or wage. For proof of winnings, games scores must be video recorded,  and screen shots for proof. This will support against claims and disputes. After seerdaze reviews the results, we will distribute the funds to the winner.