About Seer Daze

Seer Daze is platform that allows users to create betting questions, predict answers, and win money from the results and bets. Seerdaze does not create the results or rules. This is simply up to the users and authors. We at seerdaze just holds the money until the results are in. And once the results are in, we will distribute the money to the winner. This allow winners to get paid, with out allowing users to renege.

Seer Daze also offers international lottery tickets purchases. if your located in a country outside of the United states, but still would like to play the lotto with in the USA, and have a chance to win money, we at Seer Daze will purchase tickets in your behalf and send you your winnings.

Do you have any questions related to life, love, heath, business, education, travel, dreams, religion etc, that can’t be answered or found by searching on Google? Seerdaze will have people around the world from all demographics answer your questions.

If you have a specific knowledge or experience on something that can help people, please help by giving your knowledge to people by answering their questions.